Blocl Parry and Debuff

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Blocl Parry and Debuff Empty Blocl Parry and Debuff

Post by Nydedrima on Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:57 pm

1. Both Block and Parry should be debuffed when weaponskill is debuffed. Currently neither are affected.

2. Currently players are resisting Tanglesnare, which should never be the case. TS will break if and only if you take damage after the spell is applied or have a recurring damage, ie dot. Like Desperate Bowman, however, TS cant be resisted, and that needs to be fixed here.

3. Nightshade castable DD should be tied to the Stealth specialization. It will raise in damage the more Stealth that NS specs, and lower accordingly. Currently it is set incorrectly to another stat, probably Int.

4. Even with the stamina POT, slam should consume enough stamina to run the spammer out of endu. Players currently spam slam infinitely until it lands and suffer little endurance lost.

5. Similarly, mana should deplete accordingly after HOTs are cast in combat.

6. Although the timer is correct at 15 mins, PLEASE consider that other shards set Essence Flare ability on 5 min timer because on the shards you arrive at action/fight at a much more accelerated pace. Many shards simply add it to the poison vendor.


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