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Post by Aten on Tue Jul 16, 2013 5:17 am

Name: Steven | Aten

Age: 19; 04/13/1994

Location: United States

Language: English

Skills: I have worked on my own server for a few months, I know the commands pretty well, I have been playing DAOC since BETA ended. I do not know scripting and C++ but I know how to adjust things in a database, I know how to create npc's, items, Trainers. I have not worked on any other server as a GM but I would like to give it a try. I have College level Mathematic skills, and a very wide variety of Computer skills dating all the way back to windows 95.

About me: I love rules, I like to know that there is order, organization, and honestly a bit of control. I have always loved helping others. You can ask Error, I do not like rule breaking, or crude behavior. I like to help servers in anyway I can. I like to keep a calm cool happy attitude with anything I do, if I must put my foot down I can do the job right. I think before I act on pretty much everything, I am constantly thinking about everything, it's what I do. I work pretty short hours each day but I am always off work by midnight(Eastern Time) or 4pm, depending if I work in the Morning or Night. I am willing to listen and Cooperate with other players, show compassion when needed or I can blend in with other players and joke around with them. I enjoy assisting GMs to make an amazing server, so far this server is pretty good and I would like to join in on the action to help make it one of the top servers on the Portal.

If not as a GM, I can be an Assistant, Helper, or Moderator of some sort with a few commands, I just want to help the server and its players.

If you need more information email me or message me here.
Message me for my Email

or you can reach me ingame as:
(I havent made many characters, I like to work with 1 or 2 toons at a time)

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